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“Cherie Aunchele Amaru”

Comfortable & my kids love em 💯

“Jarryd Williams”

This company is an absolute pleasure to deal with! Literally same day posting. Quick responses from customer service if you have any questions about your order. Even in the current climate with COVID and delayed postage, they would follow up Aus post for you to answer your questions about ETA’s. Had a little mishap with one of the face shields I ordered. They accidentally had the wrong picture on the website with one shield that I ordered. When I told them about it they were quick to respond and help out with picking another one that was similar to the one I wanted. Told them which one and they sent it out yesterday. Literally arrived the next day (to Melbourne!)They sent it in registered post to avoid any inconvenience to myself completely free of charge for both the new shield and the postage. 100 % recommend this place. They definitely put the customer first and I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again. Great work! 🙌🏻👌

“Sally Bourke”

I love my face shields and my kids love theirs too! They are so comfortable to wear and very versatile, i wear them all the time! Great company to deal with, nothing was a problem, highly recommend!

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